Funded Projects

Ongoing research projects: (*=PI S. Fiorucci ; **=PI J. Topin)

  • Naturalness in perfumery and its role in the world of well-being & cognitive performance*/** | PhD thesis (Ulrich Ambassa Meynié)
    Funded by ANRT (Cifre n°2023/1629), 2024-2027
  • KinetChemSen | Molecular kinetics in chemical senses**
    Funded by PHC PROCOPE, 2024-2025
  • RevORIA | Reverse chemical ecology using in vivo and AI approaches for understanding the evolution of host preferences in insect herbivores
    Funded by CNRS (MITI – Prime80), 2022-2025
  • Perfume comparison by combination of machine learning and analytical chemistry* | PhD thesis (Jean-Baptiste Coffin)
    Funded by ANRT (Cifre n°2021/1176), 2022-2025
  • DeepORLig* | Décrypter le code combinatoire de l’olfaction
    Funded by GENCI (n°AD010713580, n°A0140714144) 2022-2024
  • Decoding Chemical Senses** | PhD Thesis (Maxence Lalis)
    Funded by Fondation Roudnitska, 2021-2024
  • Chemosim* | Rational design of chemosensory compounds targeting smell, taste and emotion
    Funded by ANR (ANR-19-CE07-0044), PRCE, 2020-2024

Past research projects:

  • DeepLigGPCR* | Novel proteo-chemometric approaches guided by artificial intelligence methods for the rational design of novel GPCR ligands
    Funded by CNRS (MITI – Science for AI, AI for science), 2022-2023
  • Structure-olfactive emotion relationship** | PhD thesis (Xhino Meleqi)
    Funded by ANRT (Cifre n°2020/1039), 2020-2023 
  • Perception, machine learning, data processing**
    Funded by UCA Idex, Academy Networks, Information and the Digital Society, 2023
  • OBP-Optinose | Odorant Binding Proteins-based biomimetic optical nose
    Funded by ANR (ANR-18-CE42-0012), 2018-2023
  • CroPiCro** | Conception Rationnelle de réPulsIfs ciblant les Récepteurs Olfactifs d’insecte
    Funded by UCA Idex (Neuromod Institute), 2022
  • Molecular modeling of chemosensory receptors* | PhD Thesis (Jody Pacalon)
    Funded by Fondation Roudnitska (2018-2023)
  • Following CD spectra of soluble protein during dessication**
    Funded by synchrotron Aarhus (1-week beamtime), 2020 and 2022
  • Demeter | Bio-olfacticides : more food and less pesticides in insect control
    Funded by ANR (ANR-16-CE21-0002), ‘major societal challenges’, 2017-2022
  • Chemokit | Chemosensory Kit for olfaction and taste training through project-based learning
    Funded by UCA EUR (Formal, Physical & Engineering Sciences) 2020-2021
  • INSECTOR | Computational and experimental structure-function study of insect olfactory receptors
    Funded by CNRS MITI, 2019-2020 
  • Molecular basis of chemosensory perception* | PhD thesis (Cédric Bouysset) 
    Funded by MESR , 2018-2021.
    Awarded by Giract “Best PhD thesis” 2022 and “1st year thesis award” 2018, Selected for the “Google Summer of Code” 2020, UCA Complex Days “Best Poster Prize” 2019, SFCi “best oral communication” 2019, Gen Foundation 2019, ECRO Travel grant 2019, UCA “Young Scientist award” 2019
  • A la découverte des sens chimiques**
    Funded by UCA and Region SUD, 2020
  • NumTaste* | Designing new numerical model-guided bitter taste modulators
    Funded by UCA Idex, Academy Complex Systems, 2020
  • Is olfactory emotion a chemical property?**
    Funded by GEN foundation, 2019
  • StimOlf** | Stimulation Olfactive pour le traitement de l’apathie
    Funded by UCA (AAP CSI), 2019
  • Computational Nose | A computational nose: decoding odor perception by all-atom molecular simulations of human olfactory receptors
    Funded by PRACE 2017 & GENCI 2018-2019 
  • NeurOlf | Predicting odorant-dependent and independent olfactory neuron activation based on receptor dynamics
    Funded by ANR/NSF-NIH, Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience, 2015-2019
  • AI-Sweet* | Numerical models for predicting sweet taste perception.
    Funded by UCA Idex, projet C@UCA, 2018 
  • Molecular modeling of the sweet taste perception : structural and dynamic approches* | PhD thesis (Jean-Baptiste Chéron) 
    Funded by MESR , 2014-2017
    Awarded by Giract “1st year thesis award” 2014, COST GLISTEN 2014, SFCi “best oral communication” 2015, Gen Foundation 2016, ISOT 2016, UCA “Young Scientist award” 2016 
  • Développement et construction de stimulants olfactifs pour traiter l’apathie provoquée par la maladie d’Alzheimer
    Funded by City of Nice, 2016
  • Biodiv-Nudix | Utilisation de la biodiversité des roses botaniques pour l’étude du rôle d’une NUDIX hydrolase dans la biosynthèse du parfum
    Funded by CNRS ‘Mission Interdisciplinaire’, PEPS interdisciplinaire EXOMOD, 2014-2015 
  • CLIO* | Chemogenomic Links In Olfaction
    funded by Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, AAP CSI, 2014
  • Modeling of membrane metabolon
    funded by PHC AURORA, 2013-2014 
  • Molecular modeling study of multienzymatic systems involved in flavonoid biosynthesis |  PhD thesis (Julien Diharce)
    Funded by MESR, 2011-2014
    Awarded by GGMM “Best PhD thesis” 2017 
  • MultiDock* | Multiresolution and multicomponent docking of large biomolecular assembly
    funded by PHC PROCOPE, 2012-2013 
  • Nadyn | DNA nanoparticles functionalized by Dynein peptide ligands for the improvement of their intracellular trafficking
    funded by ANR programme Blanc, 2009-2012